Catharsis is an exploration on several levels. The first is a continuation of the technical exploration I have been pursuing for several years about what constitutes painting, drawing and photography and how digital composition can blur those definitions. The second is a very personal and intimate exploration of emotions and feelings. A glimpse into myself and my surroundings, in which I try to understand my own existence and my relationships with the world. As I express this exploration, I look back at the main artistic movements of the 20th century: surrealism, pure abstraction, and abstract expressionism. From these I borrow the concepts I need and apply them from a post-modern perspective. I begin to build a personal visual language filled with elements such as coarse brushstrokes, nails, chains, flowers and loose pencil sketches--each wth a very clear meaning to me--which allows me to give voice to that Catharsis which gives name to the series. The third is an exploration of the other. I show these works without any title, since I believe it is the personal input of the viewer which completes the work. I catch glimpses of how far my personal vision finds echo in the psique of others. These paintings begin to work as a sort of Rorschach test, where the viewer assigns meaning based more on his or her internal condition rather than on the actual artwork itself.