What we call “reality” is nothing more than a thin skin covering a deeper Reality. A timeless Reality, where everything that ever was, is and will be live together; a Reality peopled with archetypes and the primal forms, the pure forms of things. We visit this Reality, this Dreamtime, in our dreams, in hallucinations and when we cross that threshold we call “death”. It is this Dreamtime that which slumbers in the deep and collective darkness of our psyche and our spirit. It is the common language of our race. This series is intended as a bridge between our conscious experience and this hidden Reality. Through the language and icons of mythology and primitivism I pretend to show these primal forms, capture things in their essence and formulate a modern, timeless and transcultural symbology—a symbology that will allow me to interact with the viewer at the most visceral level, almost at an instinctual rather than an intellectual level.

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