Interview in ForoTV, 2014 Exhibition “Utopias”, Mexico DF
5 March, 2014

SPANISH WITH ENGLISH CAPTIONS. Interview on primetime national TV, ForoTV, Mexico

Virtual Tour, 2012 Exhibition “Void”, Mexico DF
2 May, 2012

Virtual Tour of my exhibition “Void” at X Espacio de Arte, Mexico City 2012

Interview in W Radio, 2010 Digital Painting Exhibition (audio)
28 July, 2010

SPANISH. Radio Interview in W Radio, Digital painting exhibition at +MAS Arte Contemporaneo, 2010

Interview in Caracol News, 2008 Catharsis Exhibition
10 September, 2008

SPANISH. Interview in Caracol news network, Colombia

Interview in Radionica, 2008 Catharsis Exhibition (audio)
3 September, 2008

SPANISH ONLY. Radio interview of Santiago Lozano in Radionica radio station, Catharsis Exhibition 2008 at the University of Salamanca in Bogota, Colombia.

Opening of the exhibition “Catharsis”
2 September, 2008

SPANISH WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES. Opening words by Fernando Toledo, colombian critic, for my first solo show at the U. of Salamanca, 2008