Chaos & Control

"The aim of art...[is] bringing order out of chaos, a myth out of the world, a sense of belonging out of our loneliness." -Isamu Noguchi, 1949. There is an implicit chaos and an element of non-control in lifeā€”in relationships, in the social, cultural and political web that surrounds us, in the very randomness of life itself. These paintings are visual metaphors of that randomness, of that chaos, using a loose, sensual brushstroke reminiscent of oriental calligraphy to convey this feeling. Through digital manipulation I try to impose order upon that emotional chaos: to impose my will and a measure of control upon that disorder. In that impossible process of controlling the uncontrollable a number of questions about the work arise: where lies the real art here? Is it the end result: the flawless paper print? The infinite possiblities, combinations and interpolations allowed by the technique? The purification process? Or the simple intention of seeking control over chaos?