I have always been particularly fascinated by all things mythological –– that stage of human creation where the real and the imaginary come together, where the commonplace becomes supernatural and where man transcends the limits of his own mortality. That meeting place of cultures –– primitive as well as modern –– and that tool by which we give meaning and more human dimensions to the vast world that surrounds us. These first years of my work scratch the surface of that immense stage. The starting point is, of course, the myth itself. The legend, the story, the fable. I study the myth in its context, seeking the truth behind the metaphor, in order to make it my own. Finally I share it, as a shaman did with his tribe. But instead of vegetable inks and cave walls I use a computer and modern printing techniques. This drive I feel to record mankind’s mythological experience is largely an homage to our collective imagination ans collective subconscious; it is also a starting point in the search for a new mythology, a set of values, fears and triumphs that is transcultural and timeless: that common thread that makes us human.