Exhibitions by Year: 2014
Odeon Art Fair 2014
Group Exhibition
23 October, 2014
Otros 360 Grados, Bogota, Colombia

In its fourth version, Odeon Contemporary Art Fair opens its doors from Thursday, October 23 through Sunday October 26, 2014.
Firmly established as Colombia’s main alternative art fair, it gathers 16 emerging galleries –eight national, eight international–and 2 project walls with the finest sampling of contemporary art.
Odeon Art Fair’s purpose is to showcase young artists and integrate into the Colombian and Latin American art market.Besides the gallery show and the project walls, the fair will host three site-specific interventions,
an academic forum featuring national and international speakers discussing collecting and market, as well as new directions in research and exhibiting contemporary art.
Utopias, X Espacio de Arte
Solo Exhibition
5 March, 2014
X Espacio de Arte, Mexico City, Mexico

The sculptural series Utopias raises three large questions. The first

proposes a criticism and at the same time pays homage to the ideals of

Modernism through the alteration of pure geometries and pristine

surfaces; it alludes to those “godlike minimalist objects”, which

through their abstraction pretended to “leave history behind” and

redefine the course of twentieth century societies. It is criticism in the

sense that it points out how utopical those ideals are and it is homage,

since by marrying the imperfection of the postmodern world to those

ideals, it gives new value to them no matter how obsolete they may

seem today.


The second deals with the concept of value in imperfection. Western

society gives an immense value to the “perfection” of the form. Utopias

proposes, through flawed forms, an aesthetic more in line with the

realities of the present. It integrates imperfecion to the pure form and

imbues it with the mystique of the “valuable object”.


The third answers formal questions about material and volume. Within

the framework of a hard, rigid material and unyielding, precise geometries,

the sculptural process aims to create ductility, organic shapes and

fluidity, creating a double reading of the action applied by the artist

and the actual shape of each piece.


Interview in ForoTV: https://vimeo.com/90331786

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